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BYB games for most divisions begin this Saturday, December 2nd

Prep league begins next Saturday, December 9th (see below)

The boys high school division will be sending out information on their schedule soon.

Coaches will have your specific team schedule and any information regarding your team for the season.  Schedules and other information are also available on the website
A reminder that all coaches and directors at BYB are volunteers dedicated to providing a fun and instructive season to all the players.   Please keep that in mind when watching games.  Referees in many of the younger divisions are also the same coaches and volunteers.  We would like to thank all the volunteers for making BYB possible and we are committed to providing a supportive atmosphere to all players and coaches. 
During the season any cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances will be sent out by email and posted on the website. 
BYB is a guest in the Braintree school gyms so please follow any rules posted at the schools and clean up trash and water bottles after your practice or game.
We look forward to a great basketball season!

Prep league season begings on Saturday, December 9th!

All prep league sessions will be on Saturday mornings, 7:30-8:15am at Daughraty Gym.  Please arrive early to the first session on December 9th so we can check you in and give you your shirt and basketball!  You do not need to bring a basketball. 

The schedule for the season is:

December - 12/9, 12/16,12/23

January - 1/6,1/13,1/20,1/27 

February - 2/3, 2/10

In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather we will email and post the cancellation on the website so please check both those places before coming to the gym.



Please note the following information regarding BYB at South Middle School - See map below.

If your player has a BYB practice or a game at South Middle School - we are in the new building.  Please use the entrance along the red bus route where it says "NEW SCHOOL" on the below map.  

When inside, the first gym on the right is the Main Gym, the second gym is the Small Gym.


Congratulations to the 6th grade and 8th grade girls travel teams for winning the Divsion 1 South Shore Girls Basketball League Championships! 








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